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‘Follow your heart’, has been people’s watchwords for ages, with logical inferences to back it up; as to whether the heart or mind yields the best outcome, is for us to decide after reading this.

Though the heart is clouded with a lot of emotions, while the mind, along with emotions and will, makes up the soul, a lot of people prefer to give credit to the heart as powerful, and not vice versa.

Some say the heart is the king, and the mind is the adviser. And that the king might go to his adviser when faced with a tremendous decision to make, whether or not the adviser has something to say, the king still makes the final decision and it’s always the final decision.

And as said by Ningthoujam Nelson, “If the brain [which is the mind] is giving instructions to pump blood in and out of the heart, it seems like the brain is more powerful because it’s making the heart to function. But if the heart stops to pump blood to the brain, the brain cannot work. So the heart is more powerful.”

Picking from what Nelson said, I would say, the heart then controls the mind and has the upper hand. If the heart decides to stop working, the mind has nothing to do. What does that tell us? It means that, the mind does things in favor of the heart.

Let us go back and use the heart as a king and the mind as the adviser. If the king [heart] asks for an advice from the adviser [mind], what happens is that, the adviser will pick the kings expressing when asking the question, and use that in his advantage to say something to impress the king.

I don’t know if you get it, but let’s look at this other example.

Mind; why should I enter into another foolish relationship when all men are cheats. They keep looking down on us and hurt our feelings at the end.

Heart; you would still need someone as a companion, why not let it go and move on. Try this other guy, he might be better than the other. Besides there is no harm in trying.

Mind; okay, I would try.

What I want us to get here is that, ‘The mind takes decision, but the heart affects that decision.’

The mind didn’t want to accept the new guy because the heart was hurt. But after the heart decided to let go of the hurt, the mind accepted the new guy.
NB; the heart is powerful because we allow it to overrule the mind, which is meant to take decisions.

The phrase, “Listen to your heart”, means listen to your emotions. And we all know how emotions can make us misbehave.

I would say, the heart and mind moves hand in hand. Hence, do not let one overrule the other.
When faced with a tough situation, allow the heart bring out its emotions based on the situation, and allow the mind to elaborate on the good and bad of the hearts choice and let both make the decision.

Another instance, the recent suicidal cases sprouting up. What happens is that, the heart which is full of emotions, tells the mind its tired and wants to give up. Since we say the heart is powerful, the mind picks the minds emotions and works on it. But if we are to allow both to work hand in hand, when the heart is hurt and feels like giving up, the mind will think of the positive and negative aspect of giving up, and both will decide which is best.

Because people are following the heart, which is full of emotions, they are taking decisions which is later affecting those behind them.


By: Victoria Asamoah

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Philip Nanawah Novingnon

    March 10, 2017 at 7:22 pm

    These piece seems tricky from offset, but was able to find a productive insight along the line.

    Very interesting one, thanks soo much.

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