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5 Funny but true facts about mothers you should know

Mothers are like Gold. They are expensive and can never be replaced. They are the ones who can tell when we are frustrated, worried and stressed.

I know some of us may have studied these funny aspects of our mum, but it still amusing to read them:

Mums are the smartest being in the house: After years of taking care of the husbands, children, cooking, cleaning, changing wipes and advising, they have developed the tendency to think and do things in the smartest way. They know what to cook every single day without going through stress, and even when they are cooking more recipes, they are able to finish within the shortest possible time.

Have weird prayer topics: it’s amazing how our mothers can pray about literally, everything. These prayer topics range from the kind of friends we bring home, the dresses we wear, to even the places we like to be. It amazing how my mom carries anointing oil with her whenever she wants to advice me. And she smears the oil on my face after the advice, and ask God to bless me.

They are bossy: moms are very bossy. If they say they don’t want you going out with a kinda guy, you are doomed. They would never welcome the person into the house. They talk with command. There are times my mom would not serve me because I disobeyed her. Who does that other than mothers. They say something today, and they want you to conform to their rules within 12 hours. They ask you not to follow certain friends, and that is the end of the relationship.

They have the best signal in the world: though our moms can talk, they are the best in giving signals. They can signal you in any situation they see to be bad. And it’s funny how we seem to understand these signals. It mostly happens when “wicked” aunties, as our moms call them, come to visit. The moment she tries giving you something, our moms signals us with their eyes, and it is done. However, if you dare flaunt their signals, you are dead.

They at the best prophets : they are always catching our friends who are witches and wizards. You bring a friend home, and they can see who that person is. It’s best if they
tell us to move away from away from such people, because we are tired of their prophesies.

Moms are the best, we all can have. They are ready to listen, though they are always hasty in jumping into conclusions. And the love they have for their children, are massive.

By: Victoria Asamoah

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