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Every first date has the possibility to becoming something huge. The more reason why you have to make the best impression every time.

It’s the behaviour on the first date, that gives the assurance if there would be another.

Here are some annoying attitudes that tends to be a dating turn off if not checked:

2. DO NOT TALK ABOUT SEX: talking about sex on a first date, creates a very bad impression about you. It makes your date aware that, that is your main aim of going on a date with them. To keep up with the person, talk about other relevant topics which are far from sex.

3. DON’T TALK ABOUT PAST RELATIONSHIPS : past relationships could be part of small talks, not a major one. The moment you keep talking about your past relationships, you get your date bored. And the way you keep talking about your ex, could be a clue to how you would treat your date.

4.DON’T SMOKE: why would smoke on a first date. You do not know the do’s and dont’s of your date, and the best thing is to do what is appropriate. Smoking on a first date, speaks a lot. It’s most embarrassing when the person wants a kiss at the end of the date, and you smell of smoke.

5. AVOID BEING GROSS: becareful not to do gross things such as: belching or picking your nose in front of your date. Neither do you have to make noise with cutlery. It pushes your date away.

6. DON’T DRINK TOO MUCH: how can you concentrate on what is being said when you are drunk. It’s good to have a sharp mind on a first date, since that is when you get to learn a lot from your date.

7. AVOID TAKING IN GROSS MEALS: do not take foods that will leave some smell in your mouth. Foods with garlic, pepper, onions, etc. Your mouth should smell good, even after your meal. Remember, you are going to do a lot of talking.

8. DON’T FLIRT WITH OTHER PEOPLE: attention us what your date needs for the night. Looking at someone else whiles your date is talking, is very rude. Concentrate on them.

9. DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT THE BILL: be sure to have enough money on you before you go it on a date. If you are broke, make it some other time. Don’t go out and complain about the bill. Itakes your date regret ever meeting you.

10. MAKE SURE YOUR DATE GETS HOME SAFELY: mostly, it’s nice to take your date home, and watch them get inside, before leaving. Or you could as well, get her a cab, and call every five minutes, to know if she’s home safely.

By: Victoria Asamoah

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