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9 things to never say during sex.. # 9 though..

Everybody gets carried away in one way or the other, during sex. However, saying the wrong thing in bed, could bring a hot moment to a halt.

Rush of hormones, can make one say crazy stuffs. And some of these crazy stuffs could interrupt the moment.

If you want to be communicative in bed, there are so many things to say without being weird.

1. IS IT IN YET? : this really pisses men off. Especially when they are already in, and you still asking if they in yet. Men care about the size of their pens, so please don’t make it more obvious. Don’t voice it out, even if you thinking about it.

2. LETS JUST GET OVER IT: really…. Did you just say that?? There is a day you might want a quickie, just before class or work. But be conscious of how you put it. Don’t just say “let’s just get over it.” it puts the other person off.

3. THAT’S IT? : know that some people cannot stay in much longer before poo…. They release. But you should get ready for that. Don’t say bluntly, if that’s it. You might see enjoyed with someone who could stay much longer, but saying those words out, would not quarantee another round.

4. MY EX USED TO DO LIKE THIS… : your exes are that for a reason. Hence comparing them could be very annoying. Why did you leave him or her anyways, if they were that good in bed. The statement is very irritating, and has to be avoided, during sex.

5. NOT LIKE THAT: every couple must discuss sex and how to improve it. But note that, it doesn’t have to be done during sex. The moment you say that to your partner, you decrease their confident level, and even take them out of the mood. The worst of it all is when your partner asks you what you doing. What am I doing??

6. I WISH YOU HAD MORE ASS TO GRAB: in case you don’t know, women are vulnerable when they are naked. So the moment you point out a flaw, you make them more vulnerable and insecure. You should let them know you love their body. Besides, you wouldn’t be having sex with them, if you didn’t love the body.

7. DID YOU COME YET? : asking this question, mounts pressure on your partner. And it makes them feel like you not enjoying their effort. It takes some time for most people to come, and it takes some ladies forever. So relax and allow them to come at their own time.

8. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS: REALLY?? there is a motive behind the sex?? It makes the lady feel used. Even if you had waited for so long, enjoy the moment, rather than be over excited.

9. I’VE GOT TO PICK THIS CALL: is that the best time to pick a call?? How many minutes does this take, to involve picking of calls. Just enjoy the moment.

By: Victoria Asamoah

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Philip Nanawah Novingnon

    May 25, 2017 at 9:57 am

    As certain vocals enhances the sex moments, the same way others retracts from continuity which is very very dangerous to be a victim. I believe we continue focusing on the positive aspects which would grease up that fantasy.
    That’s my opinion, thanks sister Victoria.

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