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9 Hidden facts about men which ladies need to know

Ladies have a problem with understanding their men. However, men want to be known and understood as well.

But ladies demand all the attention from men, but do not want to know the men.

The truth is, men are not that difficult to understand. Just that ladies don’t make the effort to know them.

1. They are not magicians, they cannot read mind: Ladies always want men to know what is wrong with them, and to find the solution to the problems. You have to let them know what is going on, so they can help out. The moment they cannot tell what is wrong, then they are doomed.

2. If you say “I’m fine”, they won’t ask again: they are not like the ladies, who keep asking over and over what is wrong. They ask once or twice, and expect to get an answer. The moment you say you’re fine, that is it.

3. They are emotionally complex like women: women think they are the only complex being on earth. Every little thing, they go gaga. What they don’t know is, men are equally emotional, but they don’t talk much like ladies. They keep things to themselves, than express to everybody they see.

4. They love to be complimented as well: if you compliment a man, he becomes very happy. But the problem is, ladies want all the compliment that, they forget to compliment their men.

5. Never make fun of the size of their penis: their pens is their pride. The moment you make fun of it, they feel belittled. Appreciate the size of their penis, or don’t make a fuss of it. They love what they have.

6. They hate it when sex is used as a weapon: ladies love to use sex as a weapon against men. However, it’s not so with men. If he demands it, he deserves it. The moment you want him to do something before getting what he wants, he feels intimidated.

7. The “thrill of the chase” gets old with them: ladies have the principle of dragging proposals. And they claim its their way of showing men they are not cheap. It’s different with men. It’s either you accept it or they let go. The moment you drag it, it gets old with them.

8. They love to be pampered: they love the attention as well. They don’t want to be pampered only when they are sick. They love to be catered for always. Ask if they are okay, if they have eaten, etc.

9. They love good sex: if you are good in bed, then you have them. They don’t want to always be the ones to be in control in bed. Once a while, they want their ladies to take over.

By: Victoria Asamoah

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