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6 Deadly Terms Used By Women

Women are like modernized dictionary: they have different meanings to words.
They are very good in getting words to fit what they are saying, and the moment you don’t get what they really mean, and you do contrary, then know you are grounded forever.

These words are deadly. Guys, the earlier you get to know them the better:

1. FINE: this word, in a normal context means everything is OK. However, women use this term to end an argument, when they know they are right and the men need to shut up. If she says fine, my brother FINE.

3. GO AHEAD: my brother, this is a dare not permission. Don’t try it. FLEE…. It’s a trap, don’t try it.

4. THAT’S OK: this word is deadly and dangerous. What she means is, you would definitely pay for it. All she is doing is thinking hard and long on how she would react when it’s pay back time.

5. WHATEVER: oh my!!!!! This is a woman’s way of saying screw you, or using the F word. Don’t push a woman to the state where she says “Whatever”. It means, she doesn’t care anymore.

6. GIVE ME FIVE MINUTES: this means forever. You can watch your game, you can dress up and do all you want to do, and the five minutes will still not be over.

By: Victoria Asamoah

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