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10 practical ways to make your relationship romantic

Romance, livens every relationship, and that is what everybody wishes in a relationship, but few people do it. It is however, up to a partner to make it work.

Some say they don’t do it because they can’t think of what to do.

Thinking of how to make the relationship romantic? here are ten acts that can make the relationship romantic.

2. Give each other a 10 second hug and kiss at the end of the work-day. That is, after after seeing each other, after work. It makes you both deeply connected to each other.

3. Make a time to make-time. Plan a romantic rendezvous during the week. After a stressful week, you both can get a hotel or a place away from home, all to yourselves. The thought of being together and alone, spice up the relationship.

4. Before you leave in the morning, make it a point to tell your partner you’re looking forward to seeing them when you return. Never leave the house, without acknowledging your partner or saying, “I Love You”.

5. Take time to compliment them when they give in their best. Note that, people sometimes have doubts about their looks, so complimenting them makes it nice.

6. Anytime you go shopping, get a couple of surprise gifts for your partner. Couple of gifts because, you get to surprise them with these gifts, anytime they feel down. It makes them feel special.

7. Leave thoughtful notes for your partner. That is, when you are the one leaving the house earlier. Leave lovely notes on the bathroom mirror, or place your partner can see.

8. Send in flirty text amidst work hours. Find a time amidst your busy shedules, and send them flirty texts like: can’t wait to see you again, thinking of you etc.

9. Offer to take over their responsibility for a day. Make your partner relax a day, and take over their duties. Go to the kitchen and let her rest, iron his shirts whiles he watches football.

10. Switch up sex : change your sex routine. Watch porn together, do it in a different room, try different styles. Amongst all, the partner who doesn’t always take charge, should take full control once a while. It makes it more romantic.

By: Victoria Asamoah

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