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7 ways rich people view the world differently from the masses

In today’s section, we are going to compare the things rich people do, which average people are refusing to do.

Self-made millionaire, Steve Siebold, spent 26 years interviewing some of the wealthiest people in the world before writing his book, “How rich people think”.

Here are some of the ways the rich view the world differently from the masses:

Rich people believe they have no excuse not to be rich, and that, it’s a must. Whiles the masses think riches is for the lucky ones. So you would find the average person wasting time on lottery, whiles the rich goes to work.

2. The rich believe starting a business is the fastest way to make money……. While the average person believes starting a business is risky.

Yes!! There are risks in starting a business, but the rich are concerned with increasing their revenue, the more reason why they love taking risk. However, average people prefer to settle for the monthly paycheck. You would find an average person in a work for almost 10-15 years, and they are still there. They are scared to move on. But the rich will take risk, and make it work.

3. Rich people believe building wealth takes a team…. While the average person believes building wealth is an individual effort.

Rich people have it in mind they need people like them to share ideas on how to make things work. But the average person is focused on making it alone. Do you think Despite would have made it on his own? He had a team, and still has a team he shares his vision and ideas with.

4. The rich believe making money is simple….. While the average person believes making money is complicated.

The masses think the rich are smarter, luckier, and more educated that is why they keep making money. But the rich have it that, money flows from ideas and problem solving. According to Siebold, ” Making money may not be easy, but it is simple”.

5. The rich believe money is earned through thinking….. While the average person believes money is earned through time and labour.

The mass thinks the only way to make money is to work for more hours, and work hard. ” The rich know that creative thinking is the highest paid skill in the world”….training the mind to solving problems, will bring the checks. You would find a poor man working all day, and he brings back something small.

6. Rich people believe money is liberating…… While the average believes money is controlling.

“The rich see money as a positive tool that has power to create freedom and opportunity for themselves and their family” Siebold explains.
By contrast, the average person sees money as the “greatest oppressor”. They demonize it and forgo it’s importance.

7. Rich people believe in working for fulfillment……. While the average person believes in working for money.

As said by Siebold, don’t look for jobs with the greatest salary potential, he advices. Rather focus on work that has the most fulfillment potential. Once you find it, invest so much heart and soul into it, that you end up becoming of the most competent people in your filed. And that would end you up with being rewarded with uncommon wealth.

By: Victoria Asamoah

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