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How to communicate better in a relationship

Communication is hard work. The more reason why it’s the key to any healthy relationship. People who communicate a lot, know the in and out of the other partner.
However, most people find it difficult communicating to their partner. What they term as communication, ends up being argument.
Follow these steps for better communication:

1. START BY SAYING WHAT YOU MEAN: there are some people who say things thave have different meanings to what they really mean to say. The moment you don’t get it, then it ends up in an argument. For better communication, make your point clear and understandable. If possible, add examples. Ladies be like ” do you think everything is OK?? This is when they mean to say…. ” I think we should spice up the relationship.

2. USE ‘I’ OR ‘ME’ STATEMENTS : don’t start communication by accusing a partner of making a mistake. It would end up being an argument. The moment you start by saying “You always…… Or “you never… ” then your partner tends to be alert, thinking of ways to defend himself or herself. Which means the possibility of your partner listening to you, will be less.
Rather, start it with “I’ve noticed that….. Or “I have the feeling that….. ” this makes your partner relaxed and attentive, since it’s your feeling, rather than he being justified. It makes your partner feel like he’s part of a productive discussion.

4. DON’T INTERRUPT: I know your partner might say something that may push you to say something….. The best thing to do, is to relax and let them finish. If not, then turbs into argument. You think you might forget what you intended to say… Keep them and release them after the points have been made.

5. LEARN TO COMPROMISE: Being happy in a relationship, is better than being right. If you always want to be right, you would keep arguing here and there. Learn to compromise. The more time you spend trying to prove your point, the faster Romance will run out. You should know that, you wouldn’t always get it your way….. Try to move along once a while.

By: Victoria Asamoah

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