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Is it always the right thing to post relationship status on social media?

Technology has taken over our day -to day lives, so much that it has become a lifestyle for many. Narrowing it down to social media, which is now a benchmark for social norms.

People post everything that goes on in their daily lives on social media platforms. Notwithstanding relationship infomation. But is such, advisable?

You would find ladies, especially, posting romantic pictures of their relationship all over social media. And according to a psychologist, they do that to hide their insecurities. Insecurities, as in, proving to their exes they’ve got someone better, or they are worth it.

Most gentlemen are of the view that, posting romantic pictures on social media is not really a problem, but the best thing is to use such pictures for profiles or cover photos, rather than on your walls.

It is rare to see men all over social media with their relationship. Most of them believe that social media postings does not mean they do or do not love you.
I believe successful relationships are those not in the limelight. But it would be nice if your partner posts a birthday picture on any of the social media walls to appreciate you.

Ladies be like: “If he can’t post our romantic pictures on social media, then he has something to hide”.
Is it always that men have something to hide?

So the question is, what happens if the relationship doesn’t get anywhere and you two have to let go of each other? Does that mean every man or woman who comes into your life has to be on your social media wall??

I think it is appropriate if married couples share their romantic moments on social media, but a relationship should be on the low for sometime, and should be heading somewhere before being advertised all over.

I don’t know what most of you think about sharing your relationship status on social media, but you can drop your comments.


By: Victoria Asamoah

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