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7 petty things couples argue about

Fight is not what any couple wishes for, but it happens. No matter how hard you try to avoid it, you and your partner will argue once a while. There are just some argument every couple tend to have, which helps the relationship grow. When these issues pop up, don’t panic; argue, talk about it and then you can make up later with Romance.

1. SEX; one thing couples normally argue about. There is always that partner who never makes the move, initiates sex or want to try something new. They always wait on the other partner to make it work. And this stresses the partner, leading to argument.

2. SLEEPING HABITS; some sleeping habits can really piss one off. The snoring, the kicking, etc. And the moment the other person can’t have enough sleep, there’s an argument the next morning.

4. WHEN YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT TO HAVE FOR DINNER; this normally happens when you both are working, and don’t know what to eat after a stressful day. Then the arguments starts from there.

5. WHEN THERE’S AN ADDICTION TO PHONE; the argument begins when one is addicted to the phone. It makes it hard to communicate to this partner. This is where you hear things like: “which is more important-the phone or me?

6. WHAT’S IN OUR FUTURE; here you find the ladies normally asking this questions. And the men are normally the ones with no answer. The moment he says “I don’t know, ” then there is war.

7. YOU’RE ALWAYS WORKING; this is when one partner doesn’t get enough of the other. Though, you all know that person has to work to get things going, there still would be an argument.

However, these argument gets the relationship going…


By: Victoria Asamoah

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