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5 Highly ranked steps to business growth

Every businessman Wants his company to grow, however, only a few know how to sustain it.
The following are top steps in sustaining your business:

1. HAVE AN AUTHENTIC PURPOSE: You need to first know why you do what you do. This is going to guide you in Recruiting, customer management, product development and sales.
In order to achieve sustainable success, you are to examine your sense of purpose every now and then, to make sure the organization serves it well.

3. LEARN TO KEEP CUSTOMERS: As stated by Emmet and Mark Murphy, keeping old customers is the best. Since they already know the in and out of the company. They can just connect their friends, and you don’t have to explain things to them. But with new customers, you have to start all over with them, make them feel comfortable etc. Acquiring new customers can cost an organization five times more than retaining old ones. The time, energy, etc.

4. TAKE RISK: To sustain growth, make up your mind to embrace risk. Share your ideas with your workers, let every single one of them bring out what they think, before you would know, you have so many ideas at your doorstep. The next thing is to work on the ideas. Don’t sit on them, take risk, and they would work out.

5. BE A GREAT LEADER: Owning a company doesn’t mean you shouldn’t relate with your workers. Mind you, they are those who deal with the customers one-on-one, and your relationship with them, affects their relationship with customers. Relate with them like family, and you wouldn’t have to worry about customers.


By: Victoria Asamoah

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