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6 Rare compliments for guys that stays with them forever. #5

Making a guy fall for you, is very easy. Though guys are difficult to please, complimenting them with the appropriate line at the appropriate time, makes the trick.
Girls love compliments, it makes them feel good: but to a guy, it does more than that. Your compliments makes him think of you and what you said for a long time.
This is because, guys are not complimented often.
Thinking of the right words to compliment him, try these ones:

1. HIS PHYSIQUE: We always think ladies are the only ones who spend time trying to look better, guys do same. Most guys do. The best way to compliment a guy, is his physique. And with this, be specific. eg: I like your round shoulders, it makes you look good in shirts. It will surprise you the number of times the guy will be in shirts after that compliment.

2. SENCE OF HUMOUR: girls love guys with sense of humour. Guys know this, and they spend a lot time trying to get better at being funny. The moment you compliment such a guy for his sense of humour, you make him an inch taller.

4. HIS TASTE AND CHOICES: let him know if he’s refined. There are some guys whose movie choice alone, will push you off. They still live in the 80s. However, if you have a guy whose room is nice, things neatly arranged, and his choices are great, let him know. Compliment him for it. Besides there are guys out there who still live like grandpa’s.

5. HIS ABILITIES IN BED: Let him know how good he is in bed. If he’s big and it hurts, let him know. That makes them swell. Guys want to know when they making an impact. Let him know how you feel at every point. The more compliments, the more adventurous he becomes.

6. HIS DREAMS AND AMBITIONS: guys love to plan at an early age. However, compliment him for even having planned his life. He would love to share every ambition with you from then. Don’t just compliment, help make it a reality.


By: Victoria Asamoah

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